Iphone 5S Wallet Case

The best Iphone 5s wallet case are made of best quality materials as well as are designed to be functional. Col .Littletons’ No 50 Wallet combines both the features . It has dry-milled brown American Steel hide . It keeps the iPhone from getting scratched, and has the additional feature of having two pockets for keeping bills and cards. The Frame Luxury Leather Chrome Hard Back Case Cover for iPhone 5 5S Black Gold is made of leather and is chrome plated on plastic case with gold frame. Another typical example is that of Frame Luxury Leather Chrome Hard Back Case Cover For iPhone 5 ,and there is the type called Shockproof Aluminium Gorila Glass Metal Case Cover for Iphone 5. A model by name Gold PC Shockproof Dirt Dust Proof Hard Mate Cover is also available. Luxury Aluminium Metal Frame & Acrylic Back Case Cover, and New Marc models are also available. Hybrid Shockproof Hard Rugged Heavy Duty Cover and Luxury Aluminium Metal Button Hard Cleave Frame Bumper Case are also hot pickings. One can also go in for Waterproof models such as Waterproof Shockproof Aluminum Gorila Glass Metal Cover or the New Original OtterBox Defender Series Case., and there is a model Glistening Beautiful for Grils Hard Phone Case Cover.
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